Who we are

The Game Doctors is the Falko Jäger and Marc Roedenbeck GbR. The address of our shop is: http://sales.game-drs.de. Our site is operated with a server installation of Prestashop and some approved plugins at the based in Frankfurt and Offenbach am Main WEBHOSTER.AG on their German servers in secure data centers.

Which personal data we collect why

Our basic principle

The basic principle that follows this page is: collect as little personal data as necessary, under the proviso to be able to provide the customer requested offers.

Above all else, our site is a shop that collects personally identifiable information in order to deliver products correctly - no more, no less.


Visitors are NOT allowed to write comments on our website, so we do NOT collect any comment related data.


Our website shows only self-created media (pictures / photos / manuals). Visitors to this website could download this media stored on this website.

Contact form & newsletter

On our website, visitors have the opportunity to contact us.

For this we offer a contact form. In this contact form you have to enter the sender's email address and the message content and if necessary upload an attachment. If the user clicks on "send", then the contents of these fields will be sent to the email address info @ game - drs. de (when selecting Customer Service) and marc @ game - drs. de (when selecting Webmasters) so that we can respond by email. Emails are only stored for as long as necessary to process the request.

In addition we send newsletter emails. This happens only with the recipient's assent or with legal permission. It is sufficient to provide a email address to subscribe to our newsletter. 

Double opt-in method: Subscription to our newsletter uses the double opt-in method. After subscribing to the newsletter an e-mail is sent, requesting confirmation of the subscription. This confirmation is necessary so no one can subscribe email addresses they do not own. Newsletter subscriptions are recorded to prove the subscription process according to legal requirements. This encompasses storage of subscription and confirmation timestamps as well as the IP address. Later changes to the newsletter preferences are also recorded.

Deletion and limits to data processing: We keep unsubcribed email addresses for up to three years on basis of our legitimate interest to be able to prove former assent of the subscriber. Processing of this data is limited to defense against legal claims. Individual requests to delete this data is possible at any time, as long as existence of former assent is confirmed at the same time. In case of objections leading to permanent obligations we may keep an email address for the sole purpose of equipping a blacklist.

The subscription procedure is recorded on basis of our legitimate interest to prove its proper process. In case we authorize a service provider to send the newsletter emails this happens on basis of our legitimate interest to provide an efficient and secure transmission system.

Notes regarding the legal basis: Sending the newsletter emails happens on basis of the recipient's assent, or, if assent is not required, on basis of our legitimate interest in direct marketing, as long as this is legally allowed, e.g. in case of promotions for existing customers. In case we authorize a service provider to send the newsletter emails this happens on basis of our legitimate interests. The subscription procedure is recorded on basis of our legitimate interest to be able to prove it is executed in compliance with the law.

Content: Information about our services and products, special offers and promotions as well as about our company.

Performance measurement: The newsletter contains a so-called "web-beacon", a pixel-sized file. On opening a newsletter email it is downloaded from our server, or in case we authorize a service provider to send the newsletter emails, from their server. During this process technical information is collected, for example about browser and user system, IP address and timestamp of download.

This information is used to improve our newsletter technically, based on the collected technical data or target groups and their reading habits based on their location (which can be determined through the IP address) or access times. This analysis also contains information on whether the newsletter has been opened, when it has been opened and which links have been clicked. Technically this information can be traced to individual newsletter recipients, but it is neither our nor, if applicable, the service provider's intention to observe individual recipients. Instead the analysis is used to understand recipients' reading habits and to abjust our content or send different content to different recipient groups according to their interests.

Analysis and performance measurement of the newsletter are based on the recipients' express assent and also based on our legitimate interest in utilizing a user-friendly and secure newsletter system, serving our business interests as well as user expectations.

Separate objection to the performance measurement is not possible. In this case a recipient needs to object to or cancel the whole newsletter subscription.

Objection (opt-out): Receipt of the newsletter can be cancelled at any time, meaning assent can be revoked and receipt of further newsletter emails objected. A link to unsubscribe from the newsletter can be found at the bottom of every newsletter email. A freely phrased email to info@game-drs.de is also possible.

Authorized services and service providers: Mailchimp: Email marketing platform; service provider: "Mailchimp" - Rocket Science Group, LLC, 675 Ponce De Leon Ave NE #5000, Atlanta, GA 30308, USA; website: https://mailchimp.com; privacy policy: https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/; Privacy Shield (guarantee of data security standard processing data in the USA): https://www.privacyshield.gov/participant?id=a2zt0000000TO6hAAG&status=Active.


This website uses the cookies required by Prestashop.

Embedded content from other websites

This site does NOT embed content (eg videos, pictures, posts, etc.) from other websites. Therefore, NO data will be transmitted to such websites.

Analysis Services

This website does NOT use analysis software to evaluate personal browsing behavior, such as: Google Analytics. Therefore, NO data will be transmitted to such websites. Although Prestashop offers the opportunity, we have NOT set up a necessary account on Google.

Business documentation

Accounts, invoices and receipts falling under § 147 Abs. 3 i. V. m. Abs. 1 Nr. 1, 4 und 4a AO, § 14b Abs. 1 UstG, will be kept for 10 years.

Handling of collected data

Who we share your data with

The data collected here are in principle shared with NO other company.

Exceptions exist for data necessary for the dispatch and their transmission to postal service providers like HERMES, GLS, DPD, DHL, POST.

The newsletter is sent via Mailchimp (see above).

How long we save your data

The e-mails received via the contact form will be stored for as long as necessary to process the customer request.

What rights do you have to your data?

Any user who has sent us an email via the contact form may request the deletion of all emails stored by us at any time.

Where we send your data

E-Mails and answers to the contact form are distributed via conventional email servers. We have no influence on the way international e-mails are sent.

Further information

How we protect your information

Our website and our e-mail accounts for this website are hosted by the German WEBHOSTER.AG. It has its own servers in Frankfurt and Offenbach am Main and is therefore subject to German data protection.

What measures we offer in the event of data breaches

Please contact us immediately via info@game-drs.de if, at your discretion, there is a breach of data protection. We will try to find a solution as soon as possible.