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Peat & Alex Edition

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Support the second cooperation of Peat & Alex and The Game Doctors!

„Twilight Imperium 4“ is an epic game in a giant box. Hundreds of miniatures and hundreds of cards breathe life into 17 factions fighting for galactic supremacy. It’s critical to keep your game table organized!

We collaborated with Alex & Peat, known for their „Brettspielgeflüster“ and „Let's plays“ at Hunter & Cron, to design an organizer for „Twilight Imperium 4 “ which reduces set-up time, makes components readily accessible during the game and decreases and structures the game footprint on the table.

All game components are stored expediently and safe, perfectly using the available space. Each card type, each miniature type and each token type has its own compartment. Nothing needs to be sifted through or hand sorted anymore - everything is pre-sorted and immediately ready for a game!

It was important to us to stay true to our principle of modular, removable trays. This organizer contains a record 38 of them. This stems mainly from the 17 trays for faction-specific material as well as the six trays for miniatures and another 6 trays for cards in player colors.

Of course all these trays will never be used all at once. Rather, it has never been so easy to only retrieve the component one needs for the current game and place them game-ready on the table.

The design work for TIMP is complete, but so far we only made one prototype. To allow the production of TIMP we need at least 30 supporters (which defines our financing goal of 2.070€ - 30x 69€).

If you are also a proud owner of „Twilight Imperium 4” and would like to give it a galactically good upgrade, consider supporting this project.

The final product will come unassembled on 14 sheets of wood. Assembly will require PVA glue (instructions will be included). The design supports premium card sleeves (with a max outer size of 96x63mm). The lid closes flush.

This project will end on 10. November. If we reach our financing goal we will aim to deliver TIMP before Christmas. As the laser template and instructions are 100% ready production can start immediately.

Support this project by selecting TIMP on the righthand side of this page. Place it in your cart and buy normally. If all goes well you will receive a package from us in December. If on the other hand financing fails you will get a full refund (buy price + shipping) shortly after the end of the campaign. Even if you won’t support the project, please share it on Facebook or Twitter and let your friends know! Thank you!

Special offer: „Twilight Imperium 4” comes with 454 „mini american“ sized cards. Exclusively for this crowdfunding we created a card sleeve bundle – 500 „MCG Yellow“ premium sleeves, guaranteed to fit into TIMP (10 packs of 50 sleeves each). Normal price 14,90€, but here for 10€ - choose TIMP+Card Sleeves as your reward and save 4,90€.

Please note: You can add other products from our catalogue to your purchase of TIMP. Such orders will be shipped once TIMP is ready.


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The project has not been financed. You will be fully refunded in the coming days. Thank you for your participation.
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