Feldherr Organizer for Clans of Caledonia - board game box

"There can be only one." - The Feldherr Organizer Set is the ideal gaming solution to push Scotland into the industrial age.

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In the challenging economic simulation "Clans of Caledonia", you and your friends try to lead Scotland from an agrarian state into the industrial age, while increasing the economic supremacy of your respective clans. But with over 250 small parts you can quickly lose the overview and the fun. In order to give you the most fun possible, we have summoned the Scottish Spirit in our Feldherr Team, been into the grog again, put on kilts and with bagpipes under our arms we brought you this wonderful gaming solution.

With this Feldherr Organizer Set made of sturdy plastic - well thought-out and tailor- made for the core game - order is achieved in the box and on the tabletop

  • The organizer offers enough space for all the game materials from the "Clans of Caledonia" core game by Karma Games.
  • Every player has his own tray. That way you always keep track of your resources.
  • Rulebooks, Player aids, Player boards, Scoresheet pad, Market boards, Export board and map modules are stored separately.
  • No assembly required. Thanks to the token holders you are ready to play right away.

Leading a country into a new age while increasing the wealth of your clan can be exhausting, especially when the game materials are scattered wildly in the box. We have the solution for you, so that you can focus on the really important things: whiskey and money. We make organizing the gaming material a piece of cake.

Thanks to the 8 Feldherr token holders, you have more time to enjoy the game. The individually designed compartments help you to keep track. Since your friends also have their own trays, you save your nerves several times over.

Lid off and play. Designed as the perfect gaming solution, trays can be quickly taken out of the box, placed on the gaming table and in no time Scotland is led into a new age.

The set in detail:

1 Container ship for Export tokens

  • Enough space to sort all 50 Export contract tiles.

1 Crest for clan material

  • In the big rectangular compartment, you put the 9 Clan tiles.
  • The 9 Starting tiles and 12 Goods tiles ihre stored in the square-shaped compartments.
  • Space for the 8 Technology tiles and the 4 Glory tiles is located between the two square compartments.
  • The single MacDonald tile is placed into the oblong compartment.
  • In the matching hexagonal and shield-shaped compartments you place the 9 Port bonus tiles and the 9 Scoring tiles.

1 Bankhouse for coins, Price markers and dice

  • Money rules Scotland too. You sort the 70 coins into this tray.
  • The 6 transparent Price markers find their place in the small round compartment.
  • You store the dice for the single player game into the remaining compartment.

1 Warehouse serves as container for Goods tokens

  • The warehouse offers 8 compartments to store all 67 wooden tokens.
  • Milk, wool, cheese, grains, bread and whiskey get their own compartments. Cotton, tobacco and sugar cane share the oval compartment in the middle.

4 player token holder

  • Every player gets his own tray.
  • Clan components can be sorted according to player color into the different compartments.
  • Sort the Port bonus marker tiles into the round recesses.
  • You put the Export box tiles into the rectangular recesses.
  • The functional design offers you and your fellow players a clear overview of your own game pieces.
  • Rulebooks, Player aids, Player boards, Scoresheet pad, Market boards, Export board and map modules are stored separately.
  • Finally, the foam topper is placed on top so that everything fits well.


    The set includes:

    • 1 token holder made of plastic - Export Tokens (59959)
    • 1 plastic token holder - clan stuff (59960)
    • 1 plastic token holder - Bank (59961)
    • 1 plastic token holder - product groups (59962)
    • 4 plastic token holder - Player (59963)
    • 1 foam topper

    The token holders have the following dimensions:

    • 59959: 122 mm long x 39 mm wide x 34 mm height
    • 59960: 104 mm long x 94 mm wide x 22 mm height
    • 59961: 81 mm long x 71 mm wide x 24 mm height
    • 59962: 170 mm long x 150 mm wide x 25 mm height
    • 59963: 102 mm long x 96 mm wide x 15 mm height

    Token holder properties:

    • thermosoftening plastic
    • ready to use - no assembly required
    • 3D printed in Germany

    As with all 3D-printed models, minor imperfections may occur. The product images are only examples of how the finished product may look. Colors may vary. All products are delivered unpainted.

    Properties foam

    • fine-pored foam – Made in Germany
    • chlorine and acid-free

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