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Compatible with Great Western Trail® and its expansion Rails to the North®

icon_trays.png 11 removable trays
icon_flush.png Lid closes flush
icon_vertical.png Can be stored vertically
Supports premium card sleeves (max ext. size 61 x 92 mm)
Dimensions after assembly: 288 x 288 x 58 mm
Assembly requires wood glue

This insert/organizer is a non-licensed product. All trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective owners.

Hobby gaming product. Age 14+. Not a children's toy.
Warning: Choking hazard, not suitable for children under 3 years.

2-3 days


If you want to get rich driving cattle, you not only need hundreds of cows, but also hundreds of cards, token and tiles! Here our insert comes in with custom storage for all components from base game and expansion, creating (law and) order on the prairie.

WEST consists of 11 trays which can all be removed from the box and freely arranged on the table.

Trays 1-4: One tray per player with all components in their color: wooden markers, building and player count tiles & player cattle cards.

Tray 5: Three compartments for worker, hazard and teepee tiles.

Tray 6: Double spaces for town and station master tiles.

Trays 7 and 8: Card dispensers for objective and market cattle cards with side spaces for discarded cards.

Trays 9 and 10: One each for dollar coins and neutral building tiles.

Tray 11: One flat tray serving both as placeholder and storage for the auxiliary add-ons.

Once all trays are back in the box, cover them with the game board. Tray 11 as well as the extension board, the player boards, scoring note pad and rulebooks go on top. The lid closes flush. The game can be stored vertically. The game can be stored vertically.


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Compatible with MCG Red card sleeves (see below)



Assembly Instruction Basics (DE)

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Assembly Instruction Basics (EN)

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Assembly Instructions WEST

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Sorting Instructions WEST

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