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Compatible with Blood Rage® & its expansions Mystics of Midgard®, Gods of Asgard®, 5th Player® and all Kickstarter Exclusives

Please note: Not compatible with content of the 2018 Kickstarter campaign Blood Rage Digital.

icon_trays.png 20 removable trays
icon_flush.png Lid closes flush
icon_vertical.png Can be stored vertically
Supports premium card sleeves
(max ext. size 87 x 126 mm & 45 x 69 mm)
Dimensions after assembly: 298 x 298 x 101 mm
Assembly requires wood glue

This insert/organizer is a non-licensed product. All trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective owners.

Hobby gaming product. Age 14+. Not a children's toy.
Warning: Choking hazard, not suitable for children under 3 years.

2-3 days


In this game the world should end while playing, not when opening the box. This is where our insert RAGE comes to the rescue. It sorts clans, cards and tokens in 20 trays which can all be removed from the box and freely arranged on the table.

Trays 1-6: One per clan. Holds leader, warriors, mystics and the ship.

Trays 7-12: One per player with his/her clan tokens and glory markers.

Tray 13: Unused plastic bases & first player and doom tokens.

Tray 14: Pillage tokens.

Tray 15: God and Mystics cards.

Tray 16: Upside down storage for the three alternate KS sculpts. Tray can be removed when figures not available.

Tray 17: Ragnarök tokens.

Tray 18: Age cards.

Tray 19: God figures.

Tray 20: Small monster figures.

The big monster figures are held by a divider tray which remains in the box permanently. Once all trays are back in the box, there is enough space for the game board, the clan, age track and valhalla sheets and the rulebook to go on top. The lid closes flush. The game can be stored vertically.

Compatible with MCG Yellow card sleeves (see below)



Assembly Instruction Basics (DE)

These instructions are included in all our products.

Download (332.56k)

Assembly Instruction Basics (EN)

These instructions are included in all our products.

Download (328.54k)

Assembly Instructions RAGE

Download (302.07k)

Sorting Instructions RAGE

Download (462.11k)

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