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Elastic Band

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1 elastic band to securely hold game boxes closed.

Length 325mm
Width: 25mm

Colour: bright gray with "The Game Doctors" logo

Compatible with game boxes in different sizes. Games not included, only shown for reference.

2-3 days


If you like to store your games vertically or often transport them to meet-ups, you will know the problem: once the lid comes loose, components are starting to spill. If this happens, even an organizer can't protect you - once the pieces are tumbling out, it's chaos.

Our elastic band is the perfect solution: with only one band most game boxes can be securely closed. Just loop the band over two opposite corners which will hold the lid in four separate places (see pictures).

This works with square standard boxes (like "7 Wonders", "Legends of Andor" or "Ticket to Ride" - or like in our example "Champions of Midgard"), but also with smaller rectangular boxes like "Agricola" or more bulky ones like "7th Continent". Bigger boxes like "Descent: Journeys in the Dark" or "Star Wars Rebellion" can be secured crosswise with two bands.