Feldherr foam set + Organizer for Descent: Journeys in the Dark 2nd Edition - core game box

The insert with foam trays plus token and tile organizer for your board game box. For tidy and safe storage of miniatures and accessories.

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Item number AF64Set

Hidden in the dark depths of Terrinoth, a power-mad Overlord is gathering an army of horrific creatures around him. His goal: to subjugate the world of the living. Luckily, a small group of brave heroes descends into the darkness to save the world from chaos and ruin.

To prevent your heroes from sinking into chaos while still in the game box, get this handy Feldherr Organizer set for your board game box.

  • The set fits exactly into the original board game box for the "Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition" core game by FFG.
  • Provides space for all miniatures and the complete game material from the basic game.
  • Two foam trays provide protection for the miniatures.
  • Two plastic token holders help you to sort the small-sized accessories.
  • Another plastic insert acts as base for storing the tiles.
  • All cards also fit with sleeves.
  • The rulebook and quest guide are placed on the foam topper.
  • The lid of the board game box protrudes approx. 4 cm. For more stability during storage and transport, the Flex Cross Band size L is also included in the set.

The set includes:

  • 1 foam tray for small miniatures and game material (AFET040BO)
  • 1 foam tray for large miniatures and game material (AFES070BO)
  • 2 token holders each with 4 compartments for small accessories (60813)
  • 1 plastic insert, two-part, for tiles and stands (60811 + 60812)
  • 1 foam topper
  • 1 Flex Cross Band green - size L

On the first foam tray, each of the eight large monster figures gets a safe place. These can be placed either lying or standing in custom-fit compartments.

The miniature-precise cut helps with sorting them back in, and also ensures that nothing slips around on the way. The delicate parts of the figures are thus optimally protected from damage. When you have painted your models, you can also be sure that the colors remain free from scratches and abrasion.

Two additional compartments are reserved for the small cards (such as Condition and Search Cards). Of course, the cards also fit with protective sleeves.

In the center is a large compartment that houses the two token holders. Each plastic insert offers four compartments for sorting the small-sized game material. Here you can neatly store the tokens, doors, and small cardboard pieces and place them directly from the insert onto the game table.

Foam insert number two with 31 compartments houses the smaller miniatures. Your heroes line up here just as overseeable, as zombies, cave spiders or sarcomancers.

In addition, you get two compartments for the large cards, such as Overlord and Lieutenant cards. These cards also fit with protective sleeves.

One compartment remains for the dice.

Before the two foam inserts go into the game box, place the cross-shaped plastic insert on the ground of the board game box.

Now you sort in the larger cardboard pieces - the Map Tiles, the Hero Sheets, and eventually the writing pad. You can use the four small compartments to store the Plastic Stands or other small parts.

After everything is in place, put the two foam inserts in the box and cover them with the foam topper. On top of that go the Rulebook and the Quest Guide. All the miniatures are now safely stowed away and all the game material is neatly stored. You are now prepared for your journeys into the depths of Terrinoth.


The foam trays have the following dimensions:

  • AFET040BO: 285 mm x 285 mm x 40 mm total height (30 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
  • AFES070BO: 285 mm x 285 mm x 70 mm total height (60 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
  • high-quality, fine pored foam
  • chlorine and acid-free
  • Made in Germany

As with all 3D-printed models, minor imperfections may occur. The product images are only examples of how the finished product may look. Colors may vary. All products are delivered unpainted.

  • thermosoftening plastic
  • 3D printed in Germany

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Model AF64Set
Manufacturer Feldherr
Manufacturing country Germany
Content 1 piece
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